Halperin Butera

Policy Solutions. Advocacy Strategies.

Innovation. Implementation. Transformation.

Halperin Butera employs strategic advocacy to advance critical policy solutions. Let Halperin Butera craft and effectuate your policy agenda.

Substantively, Halperin Butera has nationally recognized expertise in Health Policy and Long Term Care Policy issues. Parlaying major health care and long term care agendas into measurable reforms is a forte.

Procedurally, Halperin Butera provides legal and academic research, powerful writing, exceptional leadership and strategic implementation for any policy endeavor. Principal consultant, Alissa Halperin, has led major outreach and advocacy campaigns and achieved meaningful reforms around sizable advocacy agendas.

Formed in 2009, Halperin Butera offers myriad services to help clients and client groups achieve meaningful outcomes for vulnerable consumers. Explore our site and let us know how we can help you successfully develop your advocacy strategies and advance your policy solutions.

To contact us:

Halperin Butera
41 S. Whitehorse Road
Phoenixville, PA 19460

Alissa Eden Halperin, Esq.